Energy and Nutrient Recovery for Agriculture. 


2.5 lbs

Volume of manure produced by a well fed hog per day


70,000 animals

Concentrated in one location on some US farms


90 tons

Approximate volume of manure produced per day from 70,000 animals


How We Do It

With a specialized and patented dryer that reduces wet manure to micro powder and concentrates nutrient in a potent fertilizer.

The Mobile Drying Module

The Mobile Drying Module


Here’s A Problem Scenario


73 million

Total number of hogs and sows in the top 10 U.S states (March 2018)


22.6 million

~31% of all swine in the USA are raised in the State of Iowa 


91,250 tons

Estimated volume of swine manure produced per day in the USA


The Inherent Issues


Social & Health Issues

The over 150 gases produced from stored manure can greatly affect the quality of life. The toxins alone cause a multitude of health problems, ranging from respiratory to central nervous system ailments.


Environmental Impact

Raw, untreated hog manure can contaminate Waterways and Lakes through field runoff, spills, and overflowing storage lagoons.


Legal Response

A single pork producer has received over $520 million in court fines for polluting the atmosphere with swine waste odour and overspray (May & July 2018)*


Why Our Solution Works


Technical Expertise

Inventor and primary design engineers remain on management team. 10 years vested in developing:

  • Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Independent Proof of Concept Audit by International Consulting Engineers

  • Patented in USA, Germany, UK, Ireland, France and throughout Europe.

Competitive Advantage

  • The dryer meets industry manure management standards

  • Exclusive control of IP

  • Aligned with industry experts