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The patent pedigree of the mobile dryer is an evolution of engineering principles commercially proven since the 1800’s. It has proven its versatility for servicing industries such as; Flour production, Coal mining, Timber milling and Sewage treatment. In the latest configuration it is specifically modified to process bio-waste (manure) in the agricultural industry. It was performance tested and audited for Proof of Concept to process wet biosolid sludge.

The mobile configuration expands its capability to service businesses that produce manure in the agriculture industry.

The function of its operation is to reduce the water volume in raw manure by 80% to 90% and create a value added product from the dried solid it produces.

  • It is a completely enclosed pulverizer and thermal moisture evaporating system that operates at negative internal pressure with no valves or dampers between internal chambers and atmosphere.

  • It’s is unique in its operation in that it can utilize energy recovered from biosolid to provide thermal energy to evaporate water at a rapid rate.

  • The operating efficiency exceeds 92% facilitating up to 96% moisture reduction and potentially 60% clean water recovery from evaporated gas.

  • Internal heat recuperation systems combine to minimize operating cost and efficiency.

  • 24/7 operation capable.




Manure input: 167 lbs per minute (10,000 lb / hour) @ 80% moisture

Dry powder output: 33 lbs per minute (2,000 lb / hour) @ 4% moisture (controllable)

Water vapor recovery: apx 60%

  • The primary operating components are assembled on two (2) custom built 54ft long multi-axel trailer chassis.

  • US Dept. of Transport (D.O.T) compliant for travel over Interstate, State and County roads.

  • Rapid on site assembly and commissioning.

  • Autonomous operation capability

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The critical process in each system is a patented multi-blade, multi-chambered zone pulverizing mill. The concept was first introduced in the 1800’s for producing Flour from wheat grain. The concept was purpose modified and utilized to prepare ‘slag coal’ into micro-fuel for furnace firing. Because green sawdust and woodchip is hard to burn, the concept was again purpose modified to convert that resource into dry powder to create a highly efficient fuel for wood drying in the timber industry. Modifications to improve the concept and its capability to process wet sticky biosolid (cake) was designed by the same engineer responsible for developing the coal slag and wood waste versions in the 1960’s.

A requirement unique to drying biowaste and manure is sterilization and the destruction of pathogen contaminant. The capability of the mobile dryer to travel to a source material and convert it to powder before biological breakdown starts thus preventing much if not all the root causes of environmental problems, is a capability not duplicated by any other technology.

The ‘Proof of Concept’ audit (performed by SKM Engineering) verified that the system does reduce wet bio-waste carrying 80% water to powder and is capable of controlling residual moisture content as low as 4%.It also verified that dry biofuel produced by the process and used as the primary fuel does produce a flame to a controlled temperature necessary to produce a sterile by-product.