Who Are We?


CRENA is an acronym for Collection & Recovery of Energy & Nutrient for Agriculture. Crena Resources is a privately held systems Design and Engineering business located in Southern California. It is responsible for the design, development, construction and marketing of proprietary technology that recovers valuable resources from waste biosolid. It exclusively controls worldwide rights to multiple patents that protect proprietary technology.

Crena manages the marketing and licensing of a technology specifically developed to do what the company name implies; collect and recover energy and nutrient from waste biosolid. The primary market for our technology is the livestock sector of the Agricultural Industry which produces large volumes of manure from which valuable nutrient and energy is recovered to benefit the crop growing sector which has high demand for the same. The technology is equally beneficial for Municipal Wastewater Treatment facilities that produce bio-cake, a waste product that carries high concentration of recoverable energy.

The Company management comprises key personnel who have been instrumental in the development, patenting and Proof of Concept ratification for this method of resource recovery.


Our proprietary technology has been perfected to meet specific requirements for receiving bio-waste sludge; aka: cake, which usually carries 80% to 90% water, and produce dry micro-powder. In this form it is able to be utilized in the same manner as liquid fluid fuel to capture high calorie energy, or as biotic organic fertilizer to capture high concentrations of mineral nutrient essential for increasing yields in food crop.

mobile rig.jpg

The dryer is available in two formats; a fixed base configuration for stationary operations and a mobile configuration to service remote locations that have periodic need for biosolid disposal, i.e. Hog farm manure storage pits and lagoons.       

The design pedigree evolves from moisture evaporation and soft solid pulverization principles perfected in commercial process applications over many decades. These include producing flour from wheat, furnace fuel from coal slag and waste wood, and sludge from sewage treatment.  

The mobile rig introduces diversity and efficiency for the environmentally harmonious management of livestock manure. It creates a by-product with optimized value for the benefit of farm operators that must contend with its disposal.